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About us

Our Mission is to teach safe driving skills that will make for better, more defensive drivers.

The British Columbia Distracted Driving Course is designed to raise awareness among individuals about the dangers and legal consequences of distracted driving so they become safer drivers on our province’s roads and highways.

Course Preview

The BC Distracted Driving Course is an online defensive driving course designed to explain what constitutes distracted driving, its dangers and legal consequences as well as ways to stop yourself from engaging in such behaviours. The course is presented in modules broken down by topics with exam questions relevant to each section following the modules. The exam contains multiple choice and True / False questions, all of which are derived from the course material.

Students are expected to follow the teaching material as presented in the modules, learn the important lessons from each module and then answer questions flowing directly from the course material. There are no “trick” questions, although correct answers require a good understanding of the course material and the rules of the road in BC.

The BC Distracted Driving Course is intended to assist individuals to become better and more informed drivers, to have a more complete knowledge of the rules of the road, as well as driving laws and regulations. Its focus is ensuring drivers understand the dangers of distracted driving and what they can do to prevent it.

The course was designed in consultation with professionals, driving instructors and educators to ensure that learners gain the important knowledge about safe driving and road safety in BC.

Be a safer driver

Complete the course today and learn how to give the road your full attention.

Everything was taught well with these lessons and practice will make me a safer driver than I am today.
– Sam, Port Coquitlam
Course was very knowledgeable and helpful.
– A.M., Surrey